This is what a relationship that won’t last looks like

An accumulation of mistakes, unchecked issues unresolved problems and resentment puts a strain on them so much that by the time the relationship comes to an end, it is often not sudden, or surprising to at least, one partner.

This is because the signs are usually there. And although you may choose to paper over the cracks with deceptive social media images and putting up facades for as long as you can, eventuarry you may need to wake up and smell the coffee – that relationship is no longer anything but a ghost of what a relationship should be.

Below, we list the three top signs that usually signal impending doom for romantic relationships:

1. One-sided efforts
If you ever find yourself in a relationship which has become nothing but a personal struggle to keep the fire burning, you might want to stop wasting that effort after some time.

Your love won’t really be enough to power the relationship for long as relationships are two-way roads. You come with effort from your end, your partner stretches himself from his end and you both meet halfway.

When only one partner keeps stretching, it won’t be long before they snap… and they’ll likely snap out of the relationship.

2. Increasing fights
If the negative energy in the relationship just keeps going all the way up till it reaches the most toxic levels, the chance that the relationship will last just keeps decreasing

You both love each other, no doubt, but with time even that fades out because your moments of conflict outnumber and outlast your moments of happiness.

We’re sorry to inform you that that relationship is gone, you just don’t know yet. There’s only so much negative, hurtful fights a relationship can survive.

If the negative energy in the relationship just keeps going all the way up, it’ll be only a matter of time before the relationship ends

3. They don’t add to your happiness
If the days you spend away from your babe or guy feel better than the days you spend with them, that’s not a good thing.

Of course, you can’t possibly spend every moment, every day with the love of your life. Regardless, one of the factors that carries you through those moments is the thought of seeing or speaking with them later.

So if reverse is the case with you, then you know there’s fire on the mountain.

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