“Do I look like someone who sits in Trotro, I want Uber”” – Lady embarrasses boyfriend, refuses to join him board a car he stopped [Video]

It was an embarrassing moment for a guy whose girlfriend refused to join him to take a commercial minibus he had stooped.

The lady insisted that she preferred Uber and her boyfriend should be ready to get her just that.

At that very moment, the guy had also stopped a commercial minibus (trotro) and was asking this lady to get on board.

Well, this did not go as planned. The lady refused to join the impatient passengers in the trotro rather she asked her boyfriend to get her an Uber or forget about it.

“Do I look like someone who sits in Trotro, I want Uber” those were the chilly words she said right in the face of the begging poor gentleman.

Check Out Video Here:

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