Nabco trainees- we need permanency

Nabco trainees- we need permanency

Nabco trainees lament over unpaid arrears

Pay us our due stipend! – NABCO trainees disclose to the media in an interview.



In an exclusive interview with some of the nabco trainees of the nation builder’s corps, emphasized how life has become unbearable for them since the government refusal to settle them their due stipends


” We can’t handle this hardship again, the government should pay us with immediate effect

In fact we are graduates and we won’t accept for such struggles and hardships to happen to us, we are humbly waiting for our unpaid stipends and permanency , they cried.

More over, they disclosed that, if indeed the officials of the program would handle it this way without regarding their stipend,then the government should prepare to face their wrath coming 2024 general election.

If the government don’t want such misfortunes to happen , then they should pay us as soon as possible”, they expressed.

They pleaded to the government for the settlement of their unpaid Stipends which has made life bitter for them.

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