Link your SIM Card with Ghana Card via USSD

Link your SIM Card with Ghana Card via USSD

This is the first part. Follow the steps below if you want to do the SIM Card re-registration in Ghana so that you update your details and keep your number safe.

Dial *404# on the SIM Card you want to register

Enter Ghana Card PIN (Enter letters and figures without the hyphens)

Confirm Ghana card PIN

Enter your Surname, First Name and other names

Enter your Date of Birth in the format DDMMYY

Select your Sex

Confirm details

Submit the details provided after confirmation

You are ready for Part 2

Register MTN Sim Card Online
When you are done with the first part, follow the steps below to update your details with the MTN Portal online:

Visit on your phone/PC
Enter your phone number

Wait for OTP, enter the OTP and press enter

Fill in the details required on the page

Upload your Ghana Card soft copy

Upload a photo of you holding the Ghana Card

Check the agreement to data collection box

Click on Submit

It is expected that the NCA together with the Telcos will come up with a more efficient way to go through the whole sim re-registration process, especially for corporate entities and businesses who have hundreds of SIM cards they use.

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