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(Emergency news) Every Teacher Must Reads Before Is late


1. Minimum Wage
The New minimum wage for public sector workers to be out by Wednesday 19th of May 2021.

2.Responsibility Allowance
All those who deserve and filled a template recently will put on it by close of June 2021.

3. Upgrading
All those with upgrading issues has to fill a form from the Directorate

4. Promotion:
Result of apptitude test is yet to be released, expect it soon. Please ignore any earlier notification on social media.

5. Biometric registration
The last batch of teachers who are yet to do their biometric registration will start on _Monday 17th May to 18th May 2021_ at GNAT headquarters, Accra.

6. Pension:
Members who had problems with their tier 2 pension payment should exercise patience, there’s a new formula out to pay the past credit.

7. Licensure
Registration ongoing on the NTC portal.

From Mr Nii Baah,
(Head of condition of service and salary,GNAT headquarters)

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